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Clans - level

A newly created clan has level 0 and a limited access to clan privileges. When its level is increased, the scope of privileges is increased as well.

Leveling a clan

To level a clan, you need to meet the requirements and talk to one of those NPCs who helped you create your clan. Only a clan leader can level up a clan. You need SP, adena, special items, . Clan leader needs to have SP, adena and special items when he'she addresses an NPC to level up a clan.

SP Adena Special items Reputation points Min. clan members Benefits
0 0 0 - 0 1 or more Clan chat
1 1,000 150,000 - 0 1 or more Clan warehouse (200 slots), managing privileges
2 15,000 300,000 - 0 1 or more Clan Message Board, Clan Announcements, Clan Hall auction access
3 100,000 0 Proof of Blood Proof of Blood  — 100 pcs. 0 1 or more Clan Emblem, Clan member titles, Declare and accept clan wars, registration for sieges, taking part in sieges, managing a castle
4 1,000,000 0 Proof of Blood Proof of Blood  — 5000 pcs. 0 1 or more Ability to make a CC of 2 or more parties (you need to learn the 391 skill).
5 5,000,000 0 Proof of Blood Proof of Blood  — 10000 pcs. 0 1 or more Making Alliances, using Alliances chat

Proof of Blood Proof of Blood can be obtained during hunting:

Amount of clan members

Clan level Amount of participants
0 10
1 15
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 60
6 100
7 140
8 140

Amount of clan members

A character’s rank depends on their social status and clan activity.

  • Ranks are applied according to the status of a character's clan, clan level and the character's position in the clan.
  • You can see your character's rank in its status window. You can see any other character's rank in the target window when selecting that character.
Rank Clan level 4 or a character without a clan Clan level 5 or a character without a clan
Vagabond A character with no clan -
Vassal A clan member -
Heir - A clan member
Knight Leader of a clan level 4 -
Elder - Leader of a clan level 5

Clan privileges

Clan level Privilege Description
Level 0 Clan chat The first clan privilege is a separate chat. To communicate in your clan chat, use the 'Clan' tab in the chat interface or place the @ character before the message. Clan messages are displayed in blue font.
Level 1 Clan warehouse On level 1, clan members get access to Clan warehouse. It has 200 slots. Only clan leader can get items from Clan warehouse; other clan members can leave items there and see what's already stored (if their have the correspondent rights). The payment for placing items into 1 slot is Adena.webp 30 adena.
Level 2 Clan Message Board/Clan Announcements On level 2, a clan gets access to clan message board and announcements. You can open Clan Message Board from your clan interface (Alt+N), or by pressing (Alt+B). Use Clan Message Board to send the news and to add a welcome message to your clan.
Taking part in Clan Hall auction On level 2, a clan gets access Clan Hall auction. Clan Halls are located in different townships and villages in the world of Lineage 2. Clan Halls are differentiated by the set of services and items on sale. Only clan leader can make a bid on Clan Hall auction.
Level 3 Clan Crest On level 3, a clan can add a Clan Crest. It will be displayed before the names of its members. Only clan leader can set an Crest from the clan interface (Alt+N), by pressing the "Set Crest" button. The Crest picture should be a 16*12px bmp file (256). The Emblem picture should be a 64*12px bmp file (256). You will have to add the path to the picture file manually.
Ranks On level 3, clan leader can assign ranks to clan members and to manage the rights for editing them. Use the clan interface (Alt+N), choose yourself or your clan member and press the "Info" button, in the additional window press the "Ranking" button. The titles are not unique and may be duplicated.
Taking part in clan wars On level 3, clan leaders can declare wars and accept wars declared to their clan. Declaring a war lets you avoid penalties for killing other characters; it also adds a bit of spice to the game.
Castle Sieges From level 3, clan leaders can enroll their clans for castle sieges. Owning a castle brings a clan lots of benefits from the collected taxes.
Level 4 - On level 4, clan members get the option of making a command channel of 2 and more parties (you need to learn the Clan Imperium skill).
Level 5 Alliances On level 5, a clan leader may create an Alliance. An alliance consists of 3 clans.
Additional buffs At level 5 clans get an additional buff:

Clan Advent - Clan members' P. / M. Atk. +2%. When the clan leader logs in.

Level 6 - On level 6, a clan leader may create an Royal Guard.
Level 7 - On level 7, a clan leader may create an Order of Knights.
Level 8 - On level 8, a clan leader may learn the Clan skill.

Exclusive accessories for clan members

Members of a clan owning a clan hall, can wear exclusive shields. Such shields can be purchased from a clan hall manager in a clan hall. The clan crest is displayed on the shield. Clam crests can be added from the clan interface window, press the "Set Crest" button; the picture should be in the bmp format (256), 64*64. *If a clan owns a clan hall, they need to activate item production by talking to their clan hall manager to buy the shields. Such shields cannot be used if the clan lost their castle/clan hall or if the player leaves their clan.