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Clan Wars

Declaring a war

  • A clan of level 3 and above, with a minimum of 15 members can declare Clan War to another clan. The second clan should also meet the same requirements.
  • At the same time a clan can challenge up to 30 clans, but it can accept any amount of challenges.
  • You can declare a war using a chat command or clan management interface.
  • The clan someone declared war against can use it’s clan information window to see the info about clan wars. For example, how many times it’s clan members were killed and the time before declining the challenge before the war has begun.

War process

  • If a character from the clan that's declared war dies from the opposing clan, it loses 100% of XP (like death from a mob). If the war is two-sided, 25% is lost.
  • In a two-sided war, the killer of a "white" character doesn't become chaotic and it’s PvP counter increases.
  • Even during clan wars, the opponents should use a forceful attack to attack their opponents, and the colour of the character's name will change to purple.
  • During sieges, the Siege rules dominate over the clan wars rules.

How opponents are displayed

  • The members of hostile clans are marked with an icon looking like red crossed Swords above their heads; the icon can only be seen by the members of the clan which started hostility
  • If the opposing clan member is killed, there's a corresponding blue message on the screen and in the system chat.
  • If the opposing clan killed your clan member, there's a corresponding red message on the screen and in the system chat.

Ending the war and it's results

  • If during 7 days the clan someone declared war against hasn't killed 5 or more characters from the clan which started the war, the period of cease-fire is over automatically. The clan can start the war again.
  • If the clan pays the penalty of 500 CRP, the cease-fire period begins. During that period, to start a war, you need to kill again in PvP/PK 5 or more members of the clan which declared war.

Chat commands

  • /clanwarstart - declare war to a clan.
  • /enemylist - shows the list of clans someone declared war against which has not yet accepted it;
  • /attacklist - shows the list of clans which have declared war against someone but still haven't received confirmation.
  • /warlist - shows the list of the clans which are in war with you, and the list of your allies.
  • /clanwarstop - stop the war with a clan.