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Connecting in the game

We take security very seriously here at Innadril Project. Not only on our end but also yours. We want to preserve your data as hard as we can. Thinking of this, we have a robust platform that manages all our accounts and shopping data, and that's where you need to create your account.

The process of creating your account is straight forward and can be found here. The only thing that can be unusual to you is the random prefix system that protects us from attacks and provides you an extra layer of protection. You can choose any randomly generated prefix. Remember that the prefix is part of your account login, so you need to use it to log in to our servers as well!

  1. Login. This will be your Game Account you must consider the prefix (eg.: UI_sampleaccount).
  2. Mail. Your email, must be a valid email account so you can activate your account.
  3. Password. This will be your Master and Game Account's password.
  4. After fill all this data, your must agree with our terms and click 'Register' button.

Note: you can create up to 6 Game Accounts into your Master Account.

After the account is created, you can log in to our servers and our website to manage every tiny detail in your account. You can even help us keep providing this free service by considering donating to us if you so choose!

Among all the features available on our account panel, the most important one is probably the support one! You can open tickets of support so our specialists can help you with any critical and specific issues you might encounter. We hope you never have to use it, but if you do, we got it covered!