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Characters development

As a low rate and retail-oriented server, we want the character development experience to be slow but rewarding. It's one thing to be hardcore and another being tedious.

With this in mind, we developed the project with the correct amount of quality of life features to improve your experience, preserving the hardcore and nostalgia feeling of being hard and contemporary. Systems like primary NPC buffer for newbies (lv. 40-), global teleporter without the need to be near a gatekeeper, simplified and fast-paced chain quests for beginners are tools that we have implemented from various versions of the game to fine-tune the best time x experience ratio possible.

Characters professions

Classes are one of the most exciting parts of the game, learning new skills, unlocking new capabilities, and increasing you fight power. With that in mind, we pushed a couple of buttons to accomplish the following:

1st and 2nd professions

  • The class quest required for the 1st and 2nd class changes was remarkably facilitated, making you stronger and with a brand new class with a click of a button. As soon as you reach the required level, an icon in your bottom right will appear and pulse, click and choose which path you want to choose!

3rd profession

  • We opted for a simplified 'Saga of Legends' quest to obtain the 3rd profession change. When you reach level 76, a tutorial icon will pop-up on your screen, giving you a choice to visit High Priest Orven at Aden Church. You will then need to choose between hunting 700 monsters at Devil's Isle or 700 monsters at Silent Valley in this quest. After defeating the 700 mobs in your zone, go back to Aden Church and talk again with High Priest Orven. He will give you your last profession change. Well done!