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Dyes and Tattoos

Basic characteristics impact

Feature Impact
STR P. Atk.
DEX P. Critical Rate, P. Accuracy, P. Evasion, Atk. Spd.
CON Max. HP/CP; HP/CP recovery speed, weight limit, lung capacity, Shield Defense Rate.
INT M. Atk.
WIT M. Critical Rate, M. Accuracy, M. Evasion, Casting Spd., Magic Resistance.
MEN M. Def., Max. MP and MP restoration speed, M. cancel rate.
  • A Basic Characteristic can be increased up to +15.
  • Certain dyes are used for making tattoos for 1st, 2nd or 3rd class characters.
  • 1st class characters can wear up to 2 tattoos.
  • 2nd and 3rd class characters can wear up to 3 tattoos.

How to obtain dyes

Buying from NPCs

In each township, Dye Merchants or Grocery Shops sell dyes for making tattoos.

  • Dyes and Greater Dyes can be purchased from both NPCs. Used by 1st and 2nd class characters.
  • Best Dyes can only be purchased from Dye Merchants located in the Town of Aden and the Town of Giran. Used by 3rd class characters.

Hunting monsters

You can get dyes as loot from Mobs or when you use the Sweeper skill.

Dyes Exchange

There is the possibility to exchange improved 2nd class Dyes for the best 3rd class Dyes.
Visit NPC Dye Merchant Carson in the Town of Aden or NPC Dye Merchant Groot in the Town of Giran to exchange.

Press Exchange Dye

You can exchange any Dye with +4 -4, +3 -3, +2 -2 stats.

The process of making a tattoo

  • To make a tattoo, talk to NPC Symbol Maker in any township (except starting villages) and choose the "Make a tattoo" option in the dialogue.
  • You'll need to pay a certain amount of Adena for making a tattoo. The better the tattoo, the bigger the price.
  • To make a tattoo, you need 10 piece of the same dye.
  • The dye for your tattoo should be placed into your inventory. If you have dyes of different kinds, choose the necessary one from the list.
  • Check the table showing how your basic stats will change and press "Accept", if you agree with the changes. Press "Back", if you don't agree with the changes.
  • If you already have 3 tattoos and you want a new one, you need to remove one of the old ones first.