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Reworked Zones

Innadril Project is built on top of the 3.5 client version for technical reasons. In contrast, we don't like how the 3.5 version is set for numerous reasons. Therefore, we changed back key zones to the same configuration as they were on version 2.5, where the crafting mattered and the hardcore classic experience was a priority.

All Catacombs and Necropolis are closed

Catacombs and Necropolis have always been a popular area. The impact as such zones have on the game is quite dangerous. At the end of the day, catacombs provide fast, safe, and simple hunting experiences with one of the best drop list and experience gain. In our conception, it's a system that doesn't fit with a hardcore oriented server due to its lack of difficulty. Therefore all Catacombs and Necropolis were sealed!

New Zones from Latest Client

As stated, we are looking to develop a "vintage" 2.5 experience on a modern and stable 3.5 client. That doesn't mean that we are always looking backward. We can see a couple of improvements and good ideas borning on the newest clients, such as essence and live servers.

Our Fuel is a good gaming experience with a fair and balanced environment, so we will take, borrow, and be inspired by every good idea that we come across, doesn't matter if it's ahead or behind us.

And if we can, we will bring this experience to you!

Abandoned Camp
  • Teleport from: Gludin
  • Monsters level: 20-29
Orc Barracks
  • Teleport from: Gludin
  • Mobs level: 24-34
Execution Grounds
  • Teleport from: Dion
  • Mobs level: 26-35
Plains of Lizardmen
  • Teleport from: Oren
  • Mobs level: 35-40
Dragon Valley
  • Teleport from: Giran
  • Mobs level: 45-60
Antharas' Lair
  • Teleport from: Giran
  • Mobs level: 60-70