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L-Coin Store

L-Coin Store is a special shop where you can buy different Items for special coins called L-Coins. They can be obtained via Donation, trade with other players (via L-Coins Chests), or special events.

General information

  • To buy Items, you’ll need L-Coins.
  • L-Coins are moved to character’s inventory, like adena, and don’t have any weight.
  • L-Coins cannot be exchanged, dropped, sold in a private shop or NPC shops.
  • Information about L-Coins and L-Coin Store, the amount of coins your character has, and the button of L-Coin Store, are available in a special window below the map.
  • You can buy different Items in the L-Coin Store. The store is divided into 4 categories: "Equip", "Cosmetic", "Supplies" and "Misc."
  • Certain items may also ask for adena along with L-Coins.
  • There’s also a category named “Adena items”, in which items can be obtained with adena only.
  • For further info, simply drag your cursor over the item you want to know more about, and info will be displayed.

How can I get L-coins?

  1. You can support our server by donations, and get a chest with L-Coins in your account panel. Coins of Luck can be traded for L-Coin Chests, with these values:
    Coins of Luck can be traded for L-Coin Chests, with these values:
    • Box of 1000 L-Coins - 10 Coins of Luck
    • Box of 8000 L-Coins - 60 Coins of Luck
  2. L-Coins Boxes are tradeable, you can trade them with other Characters.
  3. Also, certain events allow you to obtain L-Coins.

*L-Coin Store may change during the life-time of the server.