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General Information

  • Characters level 55 and above, who have completed the second class transfer, can take part in the Olympiad.
  • Olympiad cycle lasts for 14 days (2 weeks).
  • Olympiad fights are held during Friday and Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00 server time.
  • There are not Class Specific fights.
  • You can take part in competitions up to 20 times a day.
  • Battles at the Olympiad are held in 3 types of arenas:
  • During the competition, the Olympiad icon appears to the left of the minimap. To open the Olympiad window, click on this icon.
  • Olympiad window can also be opened by the “/olympiadstat” command.
  • Additionally, the statistics of the Olympiad are displayed in the system chat using “/olympiadstat” command: the number of points, victories, defeats and remaining matches.
  • In the Olympiad window, you can apply for participation in competitions and see the results of past fights.
  • The Olympiad is reset every 14 days with the start of a new cycle.
  • The first place for each of the classes after the end of the cycle is transferred to the state of expectation of Heroism.
  • Heroic Expectation Status allows any character to receive the title of Hero via NPC Monument of Heroes in each city.
  • A character who becomes a Hero gains a special ability: "Heroic Miracle" (check “Rewards” section).
After registration you character won't be teleported to the Stadium and will get a penalty of 1/5 points (but no more than 10 points) in the following cases:
  • The character has 20% or less free slots available or weight penalty is more than 80%.
  • The character is being teleported.
  • The character is Fishing.
  • The character is dead.
  • The character initiated a log out or choosing a character screen

After teleportation to the stadium you have 60 seconds to get ready and to get buffs from Olympiad Host.

Lvl Skill Name Description
3 Acumen Casting Spd. +30% for 20 min.
2 Berserker Spirit For 20 min., party member's P. Def. -8%, M. Def. -16%, P. Evasion -4, P. Atk. +8%, M. Atk. +16%, Atk. Spd. +8%, Casting Spd. +8%, Speed +8.
4 Blessed Body For 20 min., Max HP +25%.
4 Blessed Soul For 20 min., Max MP +25%.
2 Haste For 20 min., Atk. Spd. +33%.
2 Magic Barrier M. Def. +30% for 20 min.
3 Might For 20 min., P. Atk. +15%.
3 Shield For 20 min., P. Def. +15.
2 Wind Walk For 20 min., Speed +33.
2 Mental Shield Hold/ Sleep/ Mental Resistance +30.

Olympiad progress

  • During the Olympiad you must sign up for participation in the Olympiad.
  • During the Olympics, a special icon is displayed to the left of the minimap with a countdown of the remaining time. When clicked, the Olympiad window opens.

When a character is teleported to arena:

  • All buffs and debuffs casted before are removed and when countdown reaches 50 seconds remaining for the match to start after teleportation НР, МР and СР are fully restored.
  • Cubics and Summons are released when moving to the arena.
  • The timer for second usage of Skills (which could be re-used in less than 15 minutes) is reset.
  • If during the battle one of the opponents leaves the game, the second opponent wins.
  • If during the battle the server is reset, the battle is cancelled, the participants will not lose any points and the battle will not be counted.
  • The chat is unavailable to the participants; they can't receive/send private messages.

Any battle lasts for 6 minutes (it stops when one of the characters is dead). If by the end of the battle both opponents are alive, the winner is the character which has inflicted more damage during the battle.

Battle result

  • The reward consists of Olympiad points. The points go from the loser to the winner. The more points a character has, the more points he can lose. Once the battle is over, you can check the damage received by the participants.
  • You can see the total damage received in the corresponding column in the line related to your character.

Rewards for the Olympiad

  • There are 2 main rewards in the Olympiad. The first one is the Hero status for the next 14 days after the cycle ends; the second one is Marks of Battle.
  • Marks of Battle can be obtained in exchange for points. The points are awarded for each victory (once the battle is over), and for character’s place in total ranking (when the whole Olympic cycle is over). To get a reward, your character needs to participate in at least 10 Battles during the cycle (1 victory is mandatory).

Olympiad points

  • In each battle a character either receives points or loses them, depending on the result. The points go from the loser to the winner, the amount of points depends on how many points the opponents have at the moment, but not less than 1 and not more than 10.
  • 1/5 of the minimal amount of points for both is transferred (rounded up) but not more than 10 points.

Marks of Battle

  • The character who's got the Hero status, gets additional 75 points ( Mark of Battle — 3000 pcs.)
  • The bonus of 10 points is given to every player for 10 Battles and 1 victory ( Mark of Battle — 100 pcs).
  • When the Olympiad is over, each participant gets a place in total ranking depending on how many points they have. All the participants are divided into categories. There's one ranking for all classes and another ranking for each class, so if you're a Hero of your class it doesn't mean you're in top 1% of the general ranking.
Rank Place Amount of Marks of Battle given
1 Top 1% 50 Points Mark of Battle - 2000 pcs.
2 Top 10% 80 Points Mark of Battle - 800 pcs.
3 Top 25% 12 Points Mark of Battle - 500 pcs.
4 Top 50% 7 Points Mark of Battle - 300 pcs.
5 Below 50% 4 Points Mark of Battle - 150 pcs.
The total amount of Marks of Battle is given based on the sum of your rewards for your place in total ranking, Hero status and 10 battles with 1 victory. Max. possible reward is 5100 Marks of Battle (if a Hero gets into 1% of the total rating).

Mark of Battle exchange

The Marks of Battle obtained for your participation in the Olympiad, can be exchanged via NPC Olympiad Manager for the following items:

Item Cost
Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Modern Language) Adena 12,000,000
Mark of Battle — 2037 pcs.
Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Language) Adena 15,000,000
Mark of Battle — 3961 pcs.
Blessed Agathion's Soul Adena 10,000,000
Mark of Battle — 1132 pcs.
Clan Reputation Score - 10 Adena 50,000
Mark of Battle — 57 pcs.
Elixir of Life Mark of Battle — 8 pcs.
Elixir of Mind Mark of Battle — 13 pcs.
Hero’s Talisman - Attack Adena 1,000,000
Mark of Battle — 787 pcs.
Hero’s Talisman - Defense Adena 1,000,000
Mark of Battle — 787 pcs.
Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor Adena 600,000
Mark of Battle — 272 pcs.
Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon Adena 4,500,000
Mark of Battle — 1019 pcs.
Scroll: Enchant B-grade Armor Adena 200,000
Mark of Battle — 92 pcs.
Scroll: Enchant B-grade Weapon Adena 1,250,000
Mark of Battle — 283 pcs.
Sealed Rune Lv. 1 Adena 123,483
Mark of Battle — 140 pcs.
Spellbook Chest - 3rd Class Transfer Adena 5,640,000
Mark of Battle — 1480 pcs.
Superspeed Potion Adena 25,000
Mark of Battle — 29 pcs.
Talisman of Battle - Liberate Adena 5,000,000
Mark of Battle — 800 pcs.
XP/ SP Scroll Adena 100,000
Mark of Battle — 114 pcs.

Hero status rewards

  • The winner is the character who scored the most points in his class at the time the Olympiad cycle ended.
  • A character who becomes a Hero gains a set of heroic skills for the duration of cycle (14 days):
Skill Effect
Heroic Miracle For 30 sec., P. Def. +5400, M. Def. +4050, Buff-canceling Attack Resistance +80, and Speed +5. Consumes 40 Soulstone(s).
Heroic Berserker For 2 min., Accuracy +8, P. Atk. +500, M. Atk. +500, Atk. Spd. +100, Casting Spd. +100, Speed +20, Buff-canceling Attack Resistance +80, and Healing Power +100%.

In addition, becomes invincible from de-buff attacks. P. Def. -25%, M. Def. -25%, and Evasion -8. Consumes 40 Soulstone(s).

Heroic Valor For 2 min., nearby clan members' P. Atk. +250, P. Def. +500, and Buff-canceling Attack Resistance +40. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore.
Heroic Grandeur For 15 sec., nearby enemies' P. Def. -50%, M. Def. -50, P. Evasion -16, and Shield Defense -50%. Magic cancel rate +100%, and blocks all physical/ magic skills. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore.
Heroic Dread For 8 sec., instills nearby enemies with fear and causes them to flee with Speed +66. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore.
Heroic Miracle Max HP +850. During attack Atk. Spd., Casting Spd. and Speed are increased. The buff of continual MP recovery is activated.

(Trigger Effect: Atk. Spd. by +100, Casting Spd. +100, Speed +20. Continual MP recovery is activated. Cooldown: 100 sec.).

All active Hero Skills have 1 hour cooldown, which is shared along with the same group of skills:
  • Heroic Miracle, Heroic Berserker and Heroic Valor share cooldown.
  • Heroic Grandeur and Heroic Dread share cooldown.
Heroes will also receive an Unique Cloak:
Hero's Cloak Max HP/ MP/ CP +10%, P. Def. +5%, M. Def. +10%, Resistance to All Weapons +5%, P./ M. Critical Rate +20, Received PvP Damage -10%, Damage Reflection +4%.
  • When the Hero’s status expires, the skill is automatically deleted.
  • The Hero also receives a distinctive radiant aura around the character, and the character’s equipped Weapon begins to emit bright Light. In this case, a character’s equipped cloak receives a “visual cloak” in the form of wings. Characteristics of the character and his Items do not increase, only visual effects are added.
  • Special Weapon and diadem are not available anymore.
  • 1000 clan reputation points are granted to the Hero’s Clan.
  • Among other things, the hero has a special chat for sending messages - Hero Chat. To do this, before starting a message in the chat, you need to add the % sign. All messages in this chat are blue.
  • Hero chat can not be disabled in the Settings menu.