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Saga of Legend - Lv 76+

Quest details
Races All Races
Type One-time-quest
Level 76+
Reward Read the description
NPC Orven


1. Upon getting level 76 the characters who've completed their 2d class transfer will be offered to start the "Saga of Legend" quest to complete the 3rd class transfer. Teleport to High Priest Orven using the dialogue.

2. Talk to High Priest Orven in the Town of Aden

3. Orven has asked you to investigate Silent Valley or Devil's Isle. Go to hunting zone of your choice , defeat any monsters. You need to defead 700 monsters in total.

4. You've completed the task. Go back to High Priest Orven and get the reward.

Your character will get the following:
  • An option to choose the 3rd class via the Class Interface;
  • Magical Tablet - x10
  • A book depending on your race:
    Human - Spellbook: Mount Golden Lion
    Elf - Spellbook: Mount Pegasus
    Dark Elf - Spelbook: Mount Saber Tooth
    Orc - Spellboook: Mount Black Bear
    Dwarf - Spellbook: Mount Kukuru