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Secret Garden - Lv 30-34

Quest details
Races All Races
Type One-time-quest
Level 30-34
NPC Balthis


1. Talk to Captain Balthis in the Town of Gludio.

2. Captain Bathis has told you that High Priest Raymon from Einhasad Temple in the Town of Gludio needs help. Go to Raymon and talk to him.

3. High Priest Raymond wants you to defeat monsters in Gorgon Flower Garden. You need to defeat 500 monsters in total. To hunt: Harpy, Medusa, Wyrm, Turak Bugbear. Turak Bugbear Warrior.

4. You have defeated all monsters in Gorgon Flower Garden. Go back to High Priest Raymond to the Town of Gludio, talk to him and get the reward.