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Terrible swamp monsters - Lv 15+

Quest details
Races Dark Elf
Type One-time-quest
Level 15-20
EXP 600000
SP 13500
Scroll of Escape (Novice) x20
HP Potion x50
XP Growth Scroll x1
Moon Armor Set (Light, heavy or robe)
  • Mysterious Soulshot x4000 (by choosing Light or Heavy set)
  • Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot x2000 (by choosing Robe set)
NPC Vollodos


1. Talk to Vollodos in Dark Elf Village. Vollodos thinks there are too many different creatures in the swamps.

2. Go to Swampland defeat 30 mobs. To hunt: Zombie Forest Elf, Zombie Forest Elf Researcher, Dark Horror, Lesser Dark Horror.

3. You have defeated monsters in the Swampland . Go to Bathis in the Town of Gludio to get your reward.