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Time-Limited Zones

  • Time-limited zones are special zones. The time of stay there is limited.
  • You can only get to time-limited zones via the time-limited zones interface.
  • There’s a certain entrance fee.
  • To enter, you need to choose the time-limited zone you need and press the confirmation button. Having confirmed the zone, your character will be teleported to the time-limited zone, and to the left from the mini-map you’ll see the timer counting the remaining time of your stay in the zone.
  • You can open the time-limited zone window by clicking the button in the notifications windows, or from the menu (Alt + X -> Time-limited zones).

List of Time-limited Zones

Name Level Price for entrance Basic time Time's extense
Ancient Pirates Tomb 78+ Item 57.webp 10000 adena 60 min. up to 300 min.