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A trip Begins - Lv 20-25

Quest details
Races All Races
Type One-time-quest
Level 20-25
Improved Scroll of Escape x10
Rice Cake of Flaming Fighting Spirit x1
Talisman of Aden x1
Scroll : Enchant Talisman of Aden x1
Adventurer's Bracelet
NPC Balthis


1. Talk to Captain Balthis in the Town of Gludio.

2. Bathis has advised you to talk to Gatekeeper Bella before going out of an adventure. Do it.

3. Gatekeeper Bella has told you about teleportation and asked to go to the Ruins of Agony to defeat monsters dwelling there. You need to defeat 300 monsters in total. To hunt: Poisonous Thornleg, Skeleton Bowman, Ruin Spartoi, Tumran Bugbear, Tumran Bugbear Warrior.

4. You heave defeated all monsters in Ruins of Agony. Go to Captain Bathis in the Town of Gludio to get your reward.