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Unbearable Wolves' Howling - Lv 2-20

Quest details
Races Human
Type One-time-quest
Level 2-20
Scroll of Escape (Novice) x10
Necklackle (Novice) x1
Earring (Novice) x2
Ring (Novice) x2
NPC Newbie Guide


1. Talk to Newbie Guide in the Talking Island Village.

2. Armor Merchant Jackson from the Talking Island Village wants you to defeat wolves and keltirs as he cannot sleep at night because of their howling. Wolves and keltris wander around the Village. To hunt; Breaded Keltir, Elder Keltir, Wolf, Elder Wolf.

3. You have defeated the wolves and keltirs. Maybe it's going to be quite around the Village. Go back to Jackson and claim you'r reward.