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General Features

Our Interlude project is based on Lineage 2 Classic client. We created it to provide a world that game experience and entertainment matters more than money and profit.

x50 EXP
x5 SP
x50 Adena
x15 Drop
x15 Spoil
x3 Raid
x1 Epic
Auto-Hunting system disabled, and Macros-Loop available.
Dual Box policy: 2 boxes per PC + 1 with Premium Account.
Element attributes completely removed from the game.
Mobs 10 levels and above from character’s level won’t give XP/SP, and won’t Drop.
Maximum party members amount reduced to 7 characters.
Upgrade Missions System reworked to retail Classic 2.5 version.

Server Chapters

To secure a consistent and fair server growth we introduce the Episodes System, which limits the players' evolution. This one of our tools to promote a fair server as we possibly can!

Innadril Episode 1: The Awakening

November 07, 2020

Lv. 58 is the max level.
All Epic Bosses are Lv. 55.
Olympiads release at 2nd week.

Episode 2:
Age of Strife

November 21, 2020

Lv. 70 is the max level!
Sieges release at 2nd week.

Episode 3:
Birth of Legends

Date not defined

Lv. 80 is the max level!

General server modifications

  • Removed the Ranged and Magic Effect from Vampiric Rage Buff
  • Removed Spammable capabilities from HP Potions
  • Removed Appearence System (with their bonuses) from the game
  • Kamael race completely removed from the game

We bring back old Soulshots / Spiritshots

Lineage 2 Classic has the bad habit of simplifying systems and features that once made the game unique!

As haters of bad manners, we re-did all the work they removed to bring you back the graded soul shots and spirit shots. This way, we add value to the market, we add value to our beloved dwarfs, and we give value and richness out to the experience.

New teleport system

The teleport system, introduced by Essence, was a considerable change. All those travels from Gatekeeper to Gatekeeper were gone. We liked it, but there you could use it flagged, PK, and even in combat. Not so nice.

We decided this was a system to keep, and we believed that we could make it great with a few minor tweaks. And we did it!

It gives you the comfort of teleporting without running your way to a Gatekeeper and remove the Gatekeeper hopping that all Hard Drives users hate. But you can only use it inside of a peace zone, so don't think you are out of the hook of having to buy blessed scrolls of escape!

  • Can be opened by Teleport icon or Talking with any NPC Gatekeeper
  • Can be used only in Peace Zones
  • Cannot be used in Combat Mode

Innadril's Newbie Helper

Added Innadril Helper in every Town who will give adventurer's lower than lv. 40 a basic set of buffs for 1 Hour

The basic set of buffs consists in:
  • Adventurer's Wind Walk Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Shield Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Blessed Body Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Regeneration Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Haste Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Blessed Soul Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Acumen Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Concentration Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Empower Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Might Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Focus Lv. 1
  • Adventurer's Vampiric Rage Lv. 1

Raid Bosses

Arguably, Raid Bosses are the most fun content of the game. Because of this, we take it very seriously to keep them as fun and fair as they possibly can. Changing their respawn times to fit every possible timezone but at the same time don't keep you camping its spawn for 9 hours and adding an individual reward system, so every player feels rewarded are some of the things that we modified to reach these goals

General raids

  • All Raid bosses give you Raid points that you can exchange for useful items under Game Assistance tab
  • Raid bosses award you with 10 Raid Points each kill
  • Normal Raid bosses will have their respawn time retail like (22 Hours)
  • Field Raid bosses will have a fixed respawn time (everyday at 20.00 server time)

Epic Raids

  • Epics Raid Bosses awards you with 50 - 150 Raid Points each kill
  • Epics Raid bosses level is set according to the level cap of the episode, meaning you won't need alts to farm them
  • A special system for obtaining fragments of epic jewelry was added:
    • After defeating an epic raid boss, (Queen Ant, Core, Orfen) NPC Rash will appear. He will help you to get a Special Supply Chest.
    • Rash’s Supplies contains a Damaged version of the corresponding Epic Raid boss jewelry and by chance, an enchant scroll for it.
    • With the Help of Knight's Varnish, you can improve these jewels from 0 to +10. Depending on the level of improvement, positive effects can be felt. If you achieve the max enchantment level, you can trade it via NPC Rash for a Lv.1 Epic Boss jewel of the corresponding type.

Epics Respawn time will be retail like, but the random window has been reduced from 9 Hours to 2 Hours

Epic Fixed Respawn Random Window
Queen Ant 19 Hours 2 Hours
Orfen 29 Hours 2 Hours
Core 36 Hours 2 Hours
Zaken 48 Hours 2 Hours
Baium 118 Hours -